Summer Reading 2024!

Once again we are partnered with the Clay County Summer School Program! They will be bussed down to see us on a pre-planned schedule once a week for three weeks; every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from June 17th to July 24th.

If your child is NOT participating in Summer School then you are welcome to sign them up to come partake in our activities and crafts alongside the school children.

Please see below the steps needed/schedule:

Stop in or Call [304-587-4254] to register each child, we will need parent/guardian name, child name, grade, allergies, and photo consent decision.

Once registered, your child is invited to come see us once a week during the weeks that correspond to their grade levels. Note: they may come once a week for all six weeks but activities and crafts may be too hard or too easy.

Grades 1-3 (Not in this order) will be here the week of the
17th, (No school on the 19th due to holiday)
and 1st.

Grades 4-6 (Not in this order) will be here the week of the
and 22nd.