Library Services

Reading/Checkout Services

Physical Books
Hardback, paperback, and large print available with some copies!
We have a vast variety of books in each of our sections. West Virginia authors and history, Biographies and Autobiographies, Adult Fiction, Adult and Junior Non-Fiction, Young Adult Fiction, Junior Fiction, and Children Fiction are a part of our Checkout based system for those signed up with a Library Card through us. Checkouts are on a two-week basis.

We also have Browser books for those that do not have a card. These range from Westerns to Romance to Adult Fiction and Junior/Children Fiction. No checkout required, just let us know how many you take and they are on a six-week basis.

Electronic Checkouts
If you’d prefer to listen to someone read to you, we have a variety of audiobooks and playaways available for checkout. Checkouts are on a two-week basis.
We have a large variety of DVDs for checkout. Checkouts are on a one week basis.

WV Reads
Prefer reading on your phone or tablet? Then ask us about signing up for WV Reads hosted on the Libby App, you will need a card with us to sign up.

Our variety of magazines is for many interests. From West Virginia to cooking to recent worldly news to Nat Geo for kids. If you are killing time in one of our sitting areas feel free to take a magazine to flip through while you are here.

We have our recently published local newspaper, the Free Press, available to read while you are here.

Card Catalog
Browse our online card catalog to see what we hold in our collection available to checkout. This does not include what we have for browsers, sorry!


Printing and copying in black & white is $0.25 per page.
Printing and copying in color is $1.00 per page.
Scanning is $0.25 per page regardless if color or black & white.

To send or receive a fax, it costs $1.50 for the first page then $0.50 for each page after.

For $2.00 you are able to laminate multiple small items or one standard paper size item for a sheet of lamination paper. Each sheet of lamination fits  8 ½ x 11 worth, standard paper size.

Currently, we have four public use computers for adults, three public use computers for children, and one public use computer for our online card catalog as well as available Wi-Fi access throughout our building. We ask that you please sign the book at our Circulation desk before accessing.

Miscellaneous Services

Meeting Room
The downstairs part of our basement is available for room rental, please call us in advance to ensure the date you are after is not taken by someone else. You will need to get in contact with our director to rent the room.
Non-profit room rental is $20.00.
Profit/Private room rental is $30.00.

Book Sale
We have books for sale that help fund supplies for our craft room and for our Summer Reading program.
Paperbacks are $0.25 each.
Hardbacks are $0.50 each.

IRS Forms
Yearly we usually receive State Tax and Federal Tax forms, free of charge. If we have to print any forms, it is $0.25 per page.

Other Forms
We can print most legal, state, and applications for $0.25 per page.